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Quote of the Day

Sometimes you might wonder where Islay actually is. Google Maps helps us here to find Isle of Islay, Scotland. Another view is provided by Donnie MacNeill who quotes his fellow pupil Donald (Junior) Campbell in a letter to The Herald about Britains position in the world:

I much prefer the definition given by one Donald (Junior) Campbell, a fellow pupil at Port Ellen JS school on Islay (alma mater to Lord Robertson and Sir William Stewart among others). On being asked to describe Great Britain, while the rest of us wrestled with the question over a couple of pages in our jotters, "Junior" was commendably brief. His answer did more for the theory of relativity than all the writings of Albert Einstein. "Great Britain," he wrote, "is an island off the east coast of Islay." I think that settles the matter.

Or in other words, Islay is the centre of the world.



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