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George Robertson and Islay

George Robertson is probably one of the most famous sons of Islay, having been NATO Secretary General from 1999 to 2003. Having retired from NATO he is now pursuing other things, among others he has recently published a book:

The book is Islay and Jura (Paperback) by George Robertson. While I don't own the book myself I recently had the opportunity to take a look at it. While it has a few minor issues (a few spelling mistakes and not the greatest print quality) it is still a very nice book and excellent value for money. In a way I would describe the book as a 'personal' book, it shows Islay from the view of an Ileach. Also a very nice present for friends, relatives and anyone interested in Islay. For more about George Robertson and the book you might want to read a recent portrait and review by Catherine Deveney: The Lord of the isles in The Scotsman.

Slightly related is a book by Andy Hall, A Sense of Belonging to Scotland: Further Journeys (Hardcover). The book includes a very nice picture of Saligo Bay selected by, you guessed right, George Robertson (found via this report in The Scotsman: Celebrity Scots and their favourite photos).

PS: Wikipedia refers to him as George Robertson, Baron Robertson of Port Ellen. Is that correct? I thought it was Lord Robertson, not Baron Robertson? Or is that the same? I admit I'm confused and don't understand these titles.

PPS: I remember a few years ago to be surprised to fairly regularly find visitors from various .mil domains in my logfiles. I'm wondering if they were looking for information about Islay on my Isle of Islay pages to impress their then boss?



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