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Musician in Accident

You might wonder what a musician and an accident have to do with Islay and why I'm blogging about it here on Two reasons: The musician in question is Tom Lyne who played at the recent Islay Jazz Festival and the accident happened when he was travelling back from Islay on a spot quite a few people will know.

Tom (Tom Lyne biography, Tom Lyne on MySpace) descibes his experience in this blog entry: A Travelling Musicians Cautionary Tale (mind the sputnik). Luckily he got away almost unharmed, but it was still a very bad experience. Eerily enough another musician who played at the festival, Jaleel Shaw, had also been in an accident just before the festival (see also in Jim Gilchrist's report).

Tom's accident happened near a place most travellers to and from Islay will know quite well, Rest and be Thankful. The A83 going down the hill from Rest and be Thankful has some quite nasty bends, accidents can happen all too easily there. A warning to us all, be careful when you're driving those roads. Not only when you're travelling to or from Islay, but any time.



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