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Austrians Visit Islay

This took me far too long to blog, but then I thought better late than never. Konstantin, who is on the board of the Whisky Club of Austria, sent me a mail a few weeks ago mentioning the club and that they visit Islay frequently. This obviously deserves a few links:

It helps to understand German for the site, but even if you don't speak German you can still enjoy the site. You can start with the Whisky Club of Austria homepage, but as this blog is about the Isle of Islay you might want to go to the Reise zur Isle of Islay im September 2003 travelogue. If you're only interested in pictures you might want to just view the approx 220 pictures of the WCOA trip to Islay in September 2003.

They also stopped on Islay during a visit to Scotland in May 2004, there are more pictures about half way down on this page from the trip to Scotland in May 2004. And after visiting Orkney they again travelled to Islay in May 2005, with more pictures towards the end of this collection from May 2005.

I'm sure there will be more journeys to Islay (and Jura) over the coming years...



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