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Whisky Marinated Lamb Curry?

Islay has two Indian restaurants, one in Bowmore (The Taj Mahal) and one in Port Ellen (The Maharani Restaurant). As I'm not a big fan of Indian food I haven't tried either of them, but I wonder if they have a whisky marinated lamb curry (or something like that) on their menu.

If not they might be interested to talk to this Finnish (?) blogger who seems to have tried something like that, assuming I interpret the Koo-Koekeittiö: Whisky-marinoitua currylammasta entry I found recently correctly. In particular because some Islay whisky seems to be involved:

Koo-Koekeittiössä marinoitui eilen scottilaisessa islay single malt whiskyssä lammas. Tämän jälkeen lammas sai niskaansa -vaikka jalkaahan tämä taisi olla- tikka-maustetta, chiliä ja valkosipulia.

Similar to the Islay Mussel Soup entry any translation help is welcome...



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