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Tuscania and Otranto Memorials

Picture of the plaque on the American Monument

Remembrance Day was last Sunday already, but I decided to still post this entry a week later. Quite a few people search for information about the Tuscania and Otranto disasters and the related memorials, so a collection of links might be of interest to them:

On my main Isle of Islay site I have a page about the HMS Otranto and HMS Tuscania memorials with a number of pictures and some details about the disasters. I wrote this page a few years ago using some material Carl Satter had sent me and pictures I had taken during various visits to Islay.

The material included a report from The Scotsman, which is now available online: An interesting report American lives lost in Scottish waters by Jennifer Veitch links to The Scotsman archive from the 9th of February 1918. Some old pictures in the report as well.

The picture above right is the plaque on the American Monument on The Oa, as it is difficult to read at the size here's the full text:

to the
Immortal Memory
of those
American Soldiers and Sailors
Who Gave Their Lives
Their Country
in the
Wrecks of the Transports
'Tuscania' and 'Otranto'
February 5th 1918 --- October 6th 1918
This Monument was Erected by
The American National Red Cross
near the spot where so many of
The Victims of The Disasters
Everlasting Peace

On Fame's Eternal camping ground
Their silent tents are spread
While Glory keeps with solemn round
The bivouac of the dead

Finally Ron has an entry about the disaster on his weblog, some pictures of the two ships included.



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