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Three Visitors to Islay

Picture of the Grewe family in front of their Christmas tree

Readers of my other blog will already know this picture, as I've already posted it there on Christmas Eve. I decided to 'recycle' the picture on this blog, as it shows three visitors to Islay from the same family. Only one person on the picture hasn't been to Islay (yet?).

From left to right we have:

On the left is me, Armin, the author of this blog. And yes, I'm wearing one of the t-shirts from (shameless plug ahead warning...) my Armin's Little Islay Shop. I first visited the Isle of Islay in 1998 and have returned at least once every year since.

Behind and next to me is my mother. She's been to Islay twice, I invited her to Scotland in summer 2003 and she also joined me for the Islay Walking Week in April 2004. Will there be another visit soon?

My father, sitting next to my mother, is the only one from the family who hasn't been to Islay. Unfortunately he doesn't share our interest in Islay and Scotland, so I doubt he'll join us.

On the right is my sister, who visited Islay and Colonsay with me during the summer of 2004. We haven't finalised the plans and dates yet, but some time over the next year or two we'll stay at Kilchoman House Cottages and my sister can go horse trekking at nearby Rockside Farm.

That's all for now, apart from saying that we hope you've had a nice Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas, depending on where you're reading this from) and will have a great 2007, hopefully with a visit to Islay!



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