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More Golf on Islay

Back in July I've first blogged about Golf (and Whisky) on Islay on this blog, in September I followed up with Islay, Golf and Ireland. This is the third entry about golf on Islay this year, not bad going I think considering I don't play golf myself.

I believe apart from the obligatory visit to St Andrews quite a few Americans visit Islay to play a round of golf at The Machrie. I think there might be a few more after Larry Olmsted's glowing review in USA Today. He writes: Good scotch and good golf make for a good combination in Islay.

Then there's The Principal's Nose, a blogger (and golfer) who went to Islay in October to play golf (and blog about it):

Come to think of it, I'm not sure if I've linked to the Islay Golf Club yet. Well, I have now. Now you can look at pictures of Machrie golf course.



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