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The Last IslayBlog Entry (for 2006)

Picture of a ferry leaving a pier

There we are, this is the last entry for this blog. Well, the last entry for 2006 that is. An exciting and interesting year, to say the least.

Having blogged at the Ministry of Propaganda for several years now (and there have been other blogs before that) I launched this nice little niche blog about Islay back in May. A lot has happened since: The first links to this blog started to show up in Technorati after a few months. A very nice visit to Islay happened in mid August with some glorious and some quite dull weather. I lost my job at the end of August and found a new position in November. In very early December I reached my hundredth entry on

There's more to come in 2007, until then I say good bye for now and Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr! May the new year bring many visits to Islay and this blog (if you're not from Islay) and everything you are hoping for in 2007 (if you're from Islay or not). Enjoy your wee dram(s)! Just don't forget your lump of coal...



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