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Stormy Islay

Picture of a boy in a red rainjacket being hit by spray from a wave

Keeping in mind Islay's location it doesn't come as a big surprise that it is hit by a fair amount of storms. I haven't experienced any severe storms on Islay myself yet (only a few quite windy days), but have heard and read of them. A number of other people have written about stormy conditions or taken further pictures of rough seas around Islay:

Back in December I blogged about Islay Running Dry when the oil tanker couldn't land its load because of the stormy weather, quoting a number of sources.

Pat the Chooks visits Islay frequently (I think about once a week on average), but recently this read differently: Boy, am I glad I didn't go to Islay!

Then there are a few pictures: Flickr Scotland (a photo blog I just added to my subscriptions) has picked up a picture Stormy day on Islay (‘Stormy day on Islay’ on Flickr), which looks like Machir Bay to me. And Neil has two pictures of rough seas near Portnahaven (and the Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse on Orsay) in his Wet and wild in Islay entry.

I think that's enough stormy Islay, let's hope for some calmer weather now.



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