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Ferry To Islay, 1950s Style

Steve Cranston's blog LOCHIEL (IV) - All about this magnificent vessel is a very interesting blog. So interesting I've already mentioned it twice: 08/Nov/2006: The Lochiel and 08/Dec/2006: The Lochiel (Again). Now I have to mention it for the third time. This time he has unearthed a video of the Lochiel travelling to Islay in the 1950s and posted it on YouTube:

Steve's thoughts about the video and the wonders of the internet allowing us to share all these things: To Islay by Sea on the Lochiel - Short Film Clip. While I had seen pictures of cars being loaded and unloaded by crane before I find it very interesting to see it on video. How easy we have it today just driving on and off the modern roll-on roll-off ferries... Thanks Steve for sharing this with us!



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