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Update On Whisky Blog In Hebrew

On Saturday I wrote about what I believed to be an Islay Blog in Hebrew. I have been in contact with the blogger since and have learned a bit more about the blog. While the blog isn't an Islay blog as such it is a blog about whisky and related topics, the blog title being ‘Islay - Whisky Blog’.

The blogger is from Tel Aviv and uses the nickname ‘Islay’ in many Isreali forums and discussion groups, hence also the name of the blog. She is blogging about a variety of whisky related topics, she also visited Islay a few years ago during a longer stay in Scotland.

If you can read Hebrew there should be some interesting entries, the most recent one about the combination of gourmet chocolate and smoky whiskies such as Lagavulin 16 and Bowmore Darkest. Interesting topic, I quite like some nice dark chocolate with my single malts.

I've also learned that single malt whisky has gained in popularity in Israel over the last few years. Unfortunately taxes and custom duties make bringing back or importing whisky very expensive. Islay whiskies are well known and popular in Israel, only one problem there: Bruichladdich isn't imported to Israel. Anyone from Bruichladdich reading this? Can't you do something about this?

With that I'll finish this update, it's late and I need to get to bed. I hope I've summarised the main points correctly, there was more in our e-mail exchange, but parts of some of the detail the blogger asked me not to publish. Something I'll obviously honour. More Islay blogging next week.



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