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Islay and Robert Millar Book

Every once in a while Islay pops up in unexpected places. Reviewing my subscriptions today I noticed a website called cycling edinburgh .info. What does cycling in Edinburgh have to do with Islay? I clicked the link and soon found out:

Book signings are being planned in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Islay and a film about Robert Millar at the height of his fame is expected to launch this year’s Bicycle Film Festival.

The entry ‘Book Launch at Bicycle Film Festival’ is about a soon to be published book In Search of Robert Millar: Unravelling the Mystery Surrounding Britain's Most Successful Tour De France Cyclist. Author Richard Moore will talk about the biography on the 17th of June during the second Port Ellen Book Festival.

I suspect Islay's best known cyclist, Brian Palmer, has some involvement in this. If not I'm sure he'll be a very happy man on the 17th of June. Either way, good to see Islay listed in one sentence with Glasgow and Edinburgh in this context.



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