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Darkness And Stars On Islay

Where I live down south (Swindon, Wiltshire, M4 corridor) it never really gets dark. No, not because of eternal midnight sun, but because of light pollution. Driving back from Port Charlotte to Bridgend last night I was reminded again how different that is out here on Islay.

First the darkness, it is so much darker here. Driving at night is different, there is no background glow making it easier to sense where the road is going (not to mention the lack of cat's eyes). You have to rely on your headlights much more. But the darkness helps with something much better:

The night sky. I didn't have my camera with me and I doubt it is possible to take a picture of it anyway, but the view of the night sky was something different to what I'm used to from Swindon. It was a clear night and I stopped somewhere at the raised beaches between Bruichladdich and Bridgend. Got out of the car, turned the lights off and admired the sky. Pitch black, yet almost white from all the stars. Hardly any lights disturbing it, just a few lights from Bowmore and some farm houses around. Thousands and thousands of stars above me. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Yet another reason to come out here, especially if you live in a town. Really makes you realise how small and insignificant our tiny planet is. And wonder if there might be others out there.

But back to reality. Another beautiful morning, sunny and fresh. Walk with Iain MacPherson from Killinallan today. I'm looking forward to a lot of stories and good views of the dunes. Hope to be able to update you later before I leave for the visitors welcome evening tonight.



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