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Scottish Election Results For Islay

This is a follow up to the 2007 Election On Islay entry yesterday. Reading the news there have been numerous problems with the voting, see also the Q&A: Holyrood ballot chaos. But I'll let other blogs and the news cover that, instead a few links about the results for Argyll and Bute, which includes Islay:

First the Scottish Parliament election: Here Jim Mather from the SNP won the seat for Argyll and Bute, gaining an 815 votes advantage over George Lyon from the Liberal Democrats in the process. See also the analysis of the Herald for the Highlands & Islands region.

Then the council elections: From the three Islay based candidates (Ann Newman, Phil Hawkins and Robin Currie) for the ‘Kintyre and the Islands’ ward (Ward 2) Councillor Robin Currie from the Liberal Democrats was (re-)elected. The result should be available on the Argyll and Bute Council website, but I'm having problems accessing it at the moment. The Herald results page for Argyll & Bute provides the results as well, the other two elected councillors for the ward being Anne Horn (SNP) and John McAlpine (Ind).

I hope I've got all this right, it wasn't exactly easy to pull from the various websites. If you have updates or corrections please let me know and I'll update the post as soon as possible.



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