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Saturday, 14/Jul/2007

Quick Islay Links (and a Question)

Picture of a caterpillar in high grass

Quite busy today trying to finish the Islay Walking Week 2007 travelogue so that I can soon start the travelogue for the two weeks on Islay in June. In other words, not much time for blogging today. But I'd still like to ask my readers for help and give a few hopefully interesting links in return. Let me start with the question, I hope the collective wisdom of my readers can answer it:

During the Two Forts Walk (the page I'm currently working on) I took pictures of the caterpillar above. Now I might be completely wrong here and it might be just a fairly common one, but I have a vague memory of someone pointing it out and saying it was special. May be it was quite rare? Or only lives in specific areas of Scotland, including Islay? Or is the favourite meal for some rare birds? Something like that? Any ideas about its significance? Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions or know more.

Now the links:

Goldhahn & Sampson seems to be a delicatessen, cookery book, spices and fine drinks shop in Berlin, Germany. They certainly have taste, as they've just written an entry about Islay Malts (in German). The article also appeared in the July edition of Style100

Have I mentioned Islay the police horse already? Well, I have now.

John went to Islay for a stag-do in May. He left his camera at the lodge most of the time, but also managed a few short walks to take a few pictures. Sunsets, golf course, waves, things like that.

That's enough links, back to the travelogue...

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