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Friday, 10/Aug/2007

Friday Islay Picture (21)

Friday evening in Swindon. It's mild and the last rays of the setting sun are illimuninating the sky. Only one problem: Traffic noise. Boy racers revving their engines. Ambulance sirens in the distance. This would be so much nicer if it was waves gently breaking on a beach on Islay. And may be a few birds making themselves heard on the hills and cliffs. Like at Lossit Bay on the west coast of Islay:

Picture of a panoramic view over a bay with a sandy beach

Biggerise Lossit Bay Panorama

For more from Lossit Bay see my Lossit Bay and the Rhinns of Islay page from a visit almost exactly a year ago. The nearest road is about a mile away, and that's a single track road with not much traffic. The only sounds are from the wind, the waves and the wildlife.

Have a great weekend whereever you are, on a beach on Islay, in a Dutch city, in Switzerland, in Heidelberg, in Canada or in Newbury. Or anywhere else on the world.

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