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Saturday, 06/Oct/2007

Suspicious Death on Islay

Over the last few days Islay has been in the news for the wrong reasons, in other words news nobody expects from a place like Islay and therefore come as a shock. The known facts are very limited, so I'm going to remain quite vague: There has been a suspicious death in Port Ellen, which Strathclyde Police is currently investigating. As I don't want to get into speculations of what might have happened here's what has been reported in the more reliable news outlets:

I'm not entirely happy with the headlines of the last two publications, as they are too sensationalist for my liking and preempt the police investigations, but that's how they reported it. I hope the police inquiry is resolved quickly and as much as possible Islay can return to a sense of normality soon.

I've debated with myself if I should mention this event on this blog. As it is such a significant event I've decided to mention it, but tried to remain as factual as possible. I hope this is acceptable for everyone.

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