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Saturday, 10/Nov/2007

Islay Hotel Basement Nearing Completion

After two postings about Laphroaig yesterday a short drive down the road to Port Ellen today. Time to take another look at the progress at the former Islay Hotel again. Quite good progress I'd say. To give you a comparison first a picture from my visit to Islay just over two weeks ago, looking down into the basement:

Picture of a building site, showing the basement

Now lets take a look how it looks in the second week of November. The angle is almost exactly the same, just zoomed in a bit more. The view is from the southern end looking towards the Charlotte Street end:

Picture of a building site, showing the basement, progress clearly visible

The second look is from the site, looking east towards Frederick Crescent. It is taken roughly from the spot where Roland is standing in the first picture of this entry. You can see quite well how the wall has almost reached road level:

Picture of a view through a building site towards a road leading into the distance

I'm wondering what will happen next? I don't know much really about building a house: Will they start building the ground floor walls (that's the first floor for any American readers) and then fill in the floor for the ground floor? Or will they construct the floor first before starting with the walls around it?

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