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Wednesday, 21/Nov/2007

Sketches of the Port Ellen Hotel, former Islay Hotel

While watching the Laphroaig Live webcast as planned (which is quite enjoyable) I can blog about a fairly close neighbour: The former Islay Hotel in Port Ellen, in the interim called Port Ellen Hotel. As mentioned before, this isn't the final name. Only two people know the future name at the moment, for more about that you'll have to visit Spot The Whisky Barrel, the Islay whisky based competition, tomorrow. More about that later, but first a few more sketches of the new hotel:

Last Saturday I blogged a first sketch of the hotel, a sketch from the East (you might have to scroll down a bit to see it). It shows the front and the entrance of the hotel, so let me show you a view from the South, from the back, next:

Scan of the sketch of a hotel, showing the back of a building

From here you can see the main building and part of the restaurant. The restaurant will be on the ground floor (as you would probably expect), part in the main building and part in the lower building at the back. In front of the restaurant will be a patio, overlooking the garden. You can't see it from the sketch, but it will almost be like a walled garden. I think it will be very nice to sit here during the summer, possibly also on a mild spring or autumn day.

The patio roof can be removed if required, this section sketch from the Charlotte Street end illustrates the design:

Scan of the sketch of a hotel, showing a section drawing

For the last sketch we move back to the front of the hotel again, this (apart from the name) is one of the first impressions visitors will get of the hotel in the future:

Scan of the sketch of a hotel, showing part of the front of the building

The two large windows on the ground floor belong to the restaurant, the tall window to the left of the entrance is for the staircase. With that I'll complete the sketches for today. I hope you enjoyed the sketches and found them interesting, I'll try to scan a few more views and show them in a future entry.

Screenshot of the Spot the Whisky Barrel website

But I'm not finished yet. No, there's still one last thing. I've mentioned it a couple of times previously, according to the website and what I hear from Islay it will finally go live tomorrow: Spot The Whisky Barrel (I believe Spot The Barrel also still works, but will redirect you). It is a really unique whisky based competition from Islay with some fantastic Islay (and some Jura) based prizes. The competition has very close links to the hotel, including the challenge to guess the future name of the hotel.

More about all that tomorrow.

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