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Saturday, 08/Dec/2007

Islay Whisky Popular with Thieves

When I first read the headlines about some Islay Whisky having been stolen I thought, wasn't that month ago? Why is this suddenly big news now? After all the Bruichladdich Blog had written about Discerning Thieves in early November. Turns out a different Islay distillery was the victim this time:

As (among others) the BBC reports in Police hunt whisky galore thieves more than 10,000 bottles of Bowmore Islay Single Malt were stolen in Hertfordshire. Some of it was 25 years old (although I guess the majority was the 12 year old), bringing it to a retail value of almost £300,000.

Keeping in mind how long it takes to mature the whisky it's not exactly something that can be easily replaced. According to the reports they are busy bottling some to make sure nobody will be disappointed over Christmas, so they must have at least a few casks left to bottle and at least replace some of it for the short term.

Anyway, just to be on the safe side I bought another bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask today. You never know who might be next, do you? With the increasing popularity of whisky and in particular Islay single malts I wouldn't be surprised if there are further reports of similar thefts in the future, also considering it's much more valuable than beer.

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