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Wednesday, 23/Jan/2008

Three Islay Niche Links

Again and again I'm surprised of the variety of topics covered on the web. More importantly for this blog I'm glad that again and again I find links with topics which in some way have a link to Islay (or Jura or Colonsay). Here are three at least in a way Islay related links I found recently, each covering a fairly narrow topic:

Some readers might remember the videos of buses and heavy machinery I've linked to earlier. So how about rare tractors on Islay? Tim runs a site about old tractors and while on the way to Jura found two TE-F20s on the Isle of Islay. I don't know anything about how rare they are, but obviously rare enough for him to spend 20 minutes photographing them.

Surfing is not a big sport on Islay I think, but it's encouraging to find an Islay Surf Report, Surf Forecast and Surf Webcams site. It even has a page with a few photos from surfers on Islay. Unfortunately I doubt Islay will ever rival Hawaii (or Thurso for a closer comparison. i.e. in Scotland).

Islay has its own stone circle at Cultoon, I believe somehow related is this page: The Astronomical Potential of the Paps of Jura from a Prehistoric Site at Loch Finlaggan, Islay. I must admit my eyes glazed over about half way through the page, it has something to do with Lunar and Solar observations from a hill at Finlaggan in relation to the Paps of Jura and a standing stone. I'm sure someone interested in this and with a better understanding of what the author is talking about will find it far more interesting than me.

To be continued with further links as and when I find them. Or you send them to me.

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