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Thursday, 24/Jan/2008

What On Islay Is This?

Picture of some kind of kettle in the ruins of a building

Dear readers, today Ali and me are asking for your help. In particular if you're from Islay, but also if you're from somewhere else and know the answer or can help otherwise: Earlier today Ali of Islay In The Picture sent me the picture on the right, asking me if I can publish it and help to find out what this is. It obviously is on Islay, Ali didn't want to say (yet) where apart from that it was somewhere remote.

Ali is wondering what this could be: Remains of an illicit distillery? Something for the sheep? Part of an old kitchen? Something else? It looks like a very big kettle to me, but why is it inside of those walls? If you have any ideas/hints/thoughts, please leave them in the comments if at all possible (if you're uncomfortable doing that you can also send me an e-mail, I'll then post your input without revealing the source). That way Ali can see your suggestions and others can participate in the discussion.

Let's see if we can solve the mystery for Ali (and for me, I'm curious as well), I'm counting on you...

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