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Thursday, 27/Mar/2008

Russian Visits to Islay, Jura and Colonsay

When I first found this blog entry about a visit to Islay and Jura I was just going to add it to my list for the next Islay Blogging Roundup. But then I looked a bit closer and decided this deserves a separate entry. Why? Because there is a bit more than just this one blog entry:

Her websites don't mention her full name (at least I haven't found it in the English parts of them), but as far as I can tell ‘evkulkova’ is from Russia but now lives in North Yorkshire with her husband. Her website can be found at and has both Russian and English content, which is where it gets interesting. On her website I noticed a link Scottish Islands (on Russian). While I don't speak, let alone read, any Russian I thought I give it a try. I wasn't disappointed.

I've been to quite a few of the Scottish islands (in particular during my World Tour of Scotland in 2002), but she's covered quite a few more. Most importantly from this blog's point of view she's been to Colonsay and Oronsay, but take a look at the others as well. There are quite a few very nice pictures to be found on the various pages.

For the time being the visit to Islay and Jura isn't listed, for that you need to go to the previously mentioned Livejournal entry about the visit to Islay and Jura. Looking at the pictures I'm guessing the visit has been recently, there's snow on the Paps of Jura as well as on the hills around Rest and be Thankful.

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