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Sunday, 25/May/2008

The Keewhit Leaving Islay

Sorry, the Islay Blogging Roundup will have to wait until tomorrow. We went to a concert by the Bremer Kaffeehaus-Orchester and then for dinner, returning home quite late. So instead of the blogging roundup just a quick link to a video of a rare sighting on Islay:


A year ago at this time of the year I wrote Islay Festival Without Whisky? The reason for the entry was the lack of oil as the tanker didn't land on Islay. So far I haven't heard of the problem reoccuring this year, as you can see the Keewhit visited Islay just a few weeks ago.

The festival is now well under way, some updates from it in the Islay blogging update I'm hoping to write tomorrow.

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