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Tuesday, 27/May/2008

Hillrunning on the Isle of Jura

Back in the UK again after a few days in Germany, not that you've noticed much of a difference in the blogging. Anyway, since starting this blog about Islay and Jura just over two years ago there have been a few constants. One of them goes back even further, as I've been mentioning him in my other blog already. If you followed this and my previous blog the name Chris Upson might sound familiar:

Chris is a runner and among other races runs the Jura Fell Race every year. I've mentioned it previously in 2005, in 2006 and in 2007. I'm not entirely sure if he's done the same thing before, this year in a way he's run the race twice:

First he competed in the Scottish Islands Peaks Race, which included a run accross the Paps of Jura. Soon after that Chris also ran the ‘real’ Jura Fell Race. Two very tough races in a short period, yet it took him almost exactly the same time the second race despite feeling completely washed out...

Via the Race website I've also found Sarah Ridgway's blog with her entry about the Isle of Jura Fell Race. She has created a Picasa Web Album with great pictures from the 2008 Jura Fell Race.

Watch this space in a years time for the entry about the 2009 race?

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