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Tuesday, 03/Jun/2008

Happy Birthday Imke!

Not really an Islay posting today. But I've got something more important today: Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag, Imke! The third happy birthday wishes today: Through e-mail this morning, on the phone earlier this evening and now on the blog. Still some Islay content in this entry though, here she is on Islay in June last year:

Picture of a young woman sitting on hills high above dunes and the sea

Just thinking back how we ‘hated’ each other when we were children, now that we've grown up we get along fantastically. We've gone on holiday together several times (including on Islay twice, 2004 and 2007) and certainly will do so again. We even drive the same car (well, hers is cream white where mine is red).

Over the difficult last few months and weeks she's really been a rock and continues to do so. Without her I wouldn't know how we/I'd cope. A little thanks for all that here.

I just couldn't wish for a better sister.

Imke, you don't drink alcohol, but you like the smell of a good Islay single malt. I'll raise a wee dram on you this evening! Alles Gute und halt die Ohren steif!

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