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Thursday, 05/Jun/2008

Islay and Jura Gas Fields?

Picture/map of gas and oil fields in the North Sea

Every once in a while when going through my Islay and Jura news feeds the first reaction to an item is ‘Huh? What does that have to do with Islay?’ Yesterday was one of those moments. I'm used to people, animals or ships being named after Islay, but when an article about a gas and condensate discovery came up I was a bit stumped.

Turns out that oil and gas fields in the North Sea are given names, in this case there are two fields called Jura (the first one going on stream) and Islay (the latest discovery) (See also the Total press release about the find). The French press (Total is a French company) also reports: - Nouvelle découverte de Total en Mer du Nord Britannique.

I don't know if this is a coincidence, but look at the map: Did you notice the shape of the Jura and Islay fields? Jura is a longer (and larger) field, while Islay is a smaller more compact field. Almost like the real Islay and Jura. I don't know if Islay will benefit from this find, I doubt it will make the Keewhit come to Islay more regularly to ensure the oil supply for the distilleries...

PS: I have a vague memory of someone telling me of a high ranking oil executive buying a house on Islay somewhere. If that's true I wonder if he works for Total and had any influence on the naming of the fields?

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