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Thursday, 10/Jul/2008

Made it to Tarbert

Right, I'm knackered. Absolutely positively knackered. The drive to Carlisle last night was hell, almost constant rain, often heavy. Not that that stopped the maniacs zooming past at 80-90 mph... Today at least the motorway bit wasn't much better. I managed to shoot some video of it, probably won't be able to process and upload any of it until I'm back home though. But it wasn't all bad on the first stage of this summer's journey to Islay:

Picture of the entrance to a canal with a hotel and a few moored boats

I'm making progress with the video thingymahjiggy. I've found a way to do some filming while I'm driving, so can create at least a form of road movie (remains to be seen if it can cope with Islay's roads though...). Also bought a tripod this morning, which seems to work well with the camera. Just having to learn how to use it very quickly. So far I'm quite happy with the progress.

Picture of a small harbour village in the evening light

When I was approaching Lochgilphead this afternoon I noticed a few sunny spots and blue sky in the sky over towards the west. As I had a bit of time left I decided to head west to Crinan and the Crinan Canal. That turned out to be a good decision. The last time I can remember going there turned out fairly wet. This time it was dry and while I was driving there even sunny (I have the videos to prove it once I'm home again). In Crinan itself it was mild and calm with some very nice views into the distance.

Picture of a hotel in a small harbour village

I encountered a slight problem when I tried to check in at the West Loch Hotel: For some reason they had my reservation for Friday and Saturday instead of today and Friday. No idea if it was their or my fault. Not that it made a huge difference as they were fully booked today. So I'm staying in the Victoria Hotel (no website I could find?) in Tarbert instead. Had a good meal and my room has nice views over the harbour. I even get to see a tiny reminder of Islay, well, kind of. The ‘Islay Frigate Hotel’ is visible on the other side of the harbour. Looks dark though, seems to be for sale.

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks quite promising, so the planned visit to Gigha is on. My last (and so far only) visit to the Isle of Gigha was fairly wet. Fingers crossed it will be better this time...

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