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Wednesday, 14/Jan/2009

Beautiful Sunrise in Bowmore, Islay

Quite tired today after a busy few days at work, so I'll need an early night this evening. The Islay pictures I'm going to post are almost contradictory to that, as they show the dawn of a new day on Islay. They were taken in Bowmore on Saturday morning, where we start down at the square:

Picture of a colourful morning sky over the main road of a small village

Next we move on to Main Street and look up towards Islay's famous The Round Church:

Picture of the main road in a small village leading to a round church

Past the church we leave Bowmore for a wide open view of the sky on the road to Cruach:

Picture of a red morning sky

That's all. Good night! Hopefully with a nice morning to follow...

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