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Thursday, 29/Jan/2009

Islay and Jura News Snippets

Considering that Islay and Jura together only have less than 4,000 permanent residents I'm again and again amazed how often the two islands make it into the national and international news. Mainly obviously Islay, but also Jura. Some of it is picked up by Ron in his Islay News Roundup First Half January 2009, but there are several items I can't recall seeing either in the news summary or in earlier entries. These are the ones which caught my eye recently:

Slightly surprising considering Islay is to a very large extent famous because of its whisky distilleries is Bowmore being mentioned in the Press & Journal under the headline Argyll and Bute set for new bans on drinking in public. A ban on public drinking of alcohol is expected to be implemented in Bowmore:

Islay-based councillor Robin Currie said locals hoped the Bowmore ban would help to clean up the town centre, which had been blighted by antisocial drinkers. He added that special exemptions could be made during events such as the Islay Festival.

Not directly Islay news, but Islay is at least mentioned in news of a digital television disappointment for Kintyre and the disappointing news that the chancellor rejects pleas to cut fuel duty in remote areas. In short, residents on Islay and Jura will be disadvantaged because they either have to pay extra to have the same service others receive for free or pay more for the same goods because the Chancellor seems to struggle with Scottish (and island) geography.

I assume there won't be any direct impact on Islay, but as Bowmore Islay Single Malt is the whisky they are best known for these news might still be interesting: Morrison Bowmore sheds executives to sharpen focus on domestic targets. I think I might have mentioned that already, but even The Economist picks up on the whisky boom in Scotch whisky: Off to see the world. Ardbeg is the distillery being honoured with a mention here.

Last but not least we turn to Jura to be reminded of the disappointing fact that some people either don't have any manners and/or lack knowledge of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code: Orwell fans ‘ignoring privacy laws’.

That's it for now, I hope you found some of them interesting as well. This entry was supported by a wee dram of Bunnahabhain Darach Úr and the Stereophonics' Decade In The Sun.

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