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Wednesday, 28/Jan/2009

British Ultra Videos 5 & 6 (Final on Jura)

Quicker than I had originally thought the what I believe to be the end of the British Ultra on Islay and Jura video series. While I initially thought there would be 8 videos I believe there are actually only 6 now. Unfortunately the final two videos of the last two stages and the final pose me a slight problem:

Same as part 3 of the first two Jura stages they have both lost their sound track due to ‘an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The audio has been disabled.’ I've seen quite a few videos with the same message recently, it's YouTube new policy to deal with any videos containing music WMG (Warner Music Group?) says they are not authorised to use.

I'm not sure if Jamsie is aware of the problem and if he's going to change the audio track, but I decided to link to the current videos anyway: Part 5 covers stage 5 at the north of Jura, while part 6 covers the sixth and final stage with the final in Craighouse at the Isle of Jura distillery:


I hope you've enjoyed the videos despite some of them missing the sound, I found them very interesting. While I had read about the event before I'm even more impressed by the fitness of the participants and their achievements after watching the videos. Thanks again to Jamsie for sharing them!

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