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Tuesday, 24/Feb/2009

Islay and the Classic Malts Cruise 2009

Islay will once again be one of the stops for the Classic Malts Cruise 2009. This year the cruise will take place 11-24 July 2009, as the Bruichladdich Blog points out. Related to this I've just come across a German video about the cruise, which includes several views of Islay:


The video feels a bit too polished and marketing-driven at times, but in particular my German speaking readers should get a good impression of the cruise. I'm slightly confused by one section of the video though: Between 2:33 and 2:38min the video seems to suggest there are ‘hundreds of puffins in the steep cliffs around Islay’. That's news to me and probably most birders on Islay. Oh, and I wouldn't say Islay is in the north-west of Scotland.

The cruise is also part of the Homecoming Scotland 2009 events. The cruise programme can be checked on the Classic Malts Cruise website, the arrival on Islay is scheduled for latest Thu 23/Jul/2009 at Lagavulin Bay (Caol Ila isn't included in the official programme). Last but not least there's a good overview on the BYM Marine & Maritime News website.

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