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Tuesday, 21/Apr/2009

Seafood Extravaganza at An Taigh-Osda

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Islay being an island there should be quite a lot of seafood around, yet I don't seem to write about it very often. Come to think of it, Islay meat (which of course is excellent) gets mentioned fairly regularly, I'm actually going to have some sausages from Campbell Butchers on Islay tonight. But I digress, back to the seafood. Last week I mentioned that ‘I'm off for some seafood at an taigh-osda now, looking forward to it!’ and that's what this entry is about. Last Tuesday's ‘fish & shell fish extravaganza’ (also known as seafood extravaganza) at An Taigh - osda in Bruichladdich.

A few months ago friends and me were told that we had missed out on a seafood extravaganza at an taigh-osda and that it had been great. Our response? ‘Just tell them to have another one during WalkIslay and book a table for 5 (or more?)’. So it came to pass that last Tuesday 9 of us (4 Islay residents and 5 visitors) descended on the restaurant for another evening of seafood.

Different to the regular menu it contained four rather than three courses, starting with a seafood platter. On it were langoustine, oyster, squat lobsters, smoked salmon roulade, tempura squid and crab claw, served with a chive & horseradish dressing. This was a slightly tricky start: I don't often eat this type of seafood so I had no idea how to eat some of it. Luckily I had Keith Findlay on my table who could guide me (and some of the others) through it. My favourites were the squat lobsters, they tasted very nice. The smoked salmon roulade was also excellent. I also quite liked the crab claw, but must admit I skipped the oyster.

For the second course we had the choice between Hebridean mussels and a Smoked haddock chowder, I opted for the chowder. This was also very nice, chunky pieces of haddock in a creamy soup.

The third course, which was the main course, had five options. I opted for the ‘Whole lemon sole grilled on the bone in garlic & lemon drizzled with noisette butter vinaigrette’. Regular readers might remember that I've had this before (or at least a very similar dish, not sure if it was exactly the same). Not very adventurous, but I know what I like. It was a good choice, it was excellent again. The texture, the taste, the combination of the garlic and lemon with the fish, just right. Everyone else was happy with their choices as well.

The dessert was the only non seafood course, here I took a ‘Dark chocolate & praline terrine - chilled anglaise’. When it was served I thought it might be a bit heavy after such a big meal (it looked a bit like a chocolate mousse), but it turned out very light yet very tasty. An excellent finish to a fantastic meal.

I'm not sure how often Paul and Joan offer these evenings, I believe not very often. Meaning if you get the opportunity to go to one grab it, I can highly recommend it. Many thanks to Paul, Joan and their team for a very enjoyable evening with great food! Also thanks to Ian for mentioning it and convincing them to run it again while we there. Not to forget everyone who joined in on the evening, I think you enjoyed it at least as much as I did.

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