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Saturday, 25/Apr/2009

Dutch Islay Whisky Chocolate

Picture of a small yellow cardbox box with a label Yann chocolaterie winsum

Little surprises can often be the best: Two weeks ago on Islay friends of mine gave me the little yellow box you can see in the picture on the right. I decided to keep it until my birthday even though I was very curious about the content. Well, I knew what was in the box, after all they had told me it was chocolate with Laphroaig. But I didn't know how it tasted and regular readers will know that I quite like Islay whisky and chocolate.

When my birthday arrived I wasn't disappointed. Far from it. They tasted fantastic. Inside a red-brown (!) chocolate case was a chocolate-whisky (or whisky-chocolate?) mousse. The whisky taste wasn't overpowering, but still very distinct. Just right. I decided to enjoy them slowly, last night I had the last two.

Curious I did a bit of research on the internet: I found a Yann chocolaterie photo set on Flickr, it even includes a picture of the chocolate I had (luckily, as I hadn't taken a picture of them before I finished them). He doesn't seem to have a website (at least I didn't find one), but the address is:

Yann chocolaterie confiserie
Westerstraat 37
9951 EM Winsum gn

If you ever make it to Winsum (which is about 10 miles north of Groningen in the north east of the Netherlands) I recommend a visit. The other chocolates he does also look very interesting.

Not to forget: Of course thanks again to the couple who gave me the chocolate. You know who you are.

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