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Monday, 01/Jun/2009

Learning Gaelic With An Islay Twist

My attempts at learning Gaelic have so far only stretched to downloading the One Minute Gaelic introductory Gaelic podcasts. I doubt I'll find the time in the foreseeable future to learn it properly, but a few phrases and more importantly being able to better pronounce the many Gaelic place names on Islay would be nice. This means that a Gaelic lesson with an Islay twist I spotted today won't be of much use for me just yet, but I thought others might find it interesting:

Under the Learn Gaelic offerings of BBC Alba you will find An Litir Bheag (‘the little letter’). It's a regular letter and podcast, so far with 214 episodes (or better ‘letters’). Episode 214 is also the interesting one from an Islay perspective, as the description tells us:

There’s a place in Islay called Lochan na Nigheadaireachd (little loch of the washing). It’s near Laggan Point. Ruairidh reckons people did washing in the lochan. That was in the old days. But how did they do the washing? Well, he was reading a book recently. The author gave a description of washing at that time, listen to that description in this week's podcast.

You can download a bilingual (Gaelic and English) transcript and listen to the recording on the An Litir Bheag Episode 214 page. In case you're wondering where to find the loch in question, here's a map of Lochan na Nigheadaireachd.

PS: For more Gaelic and Islay, Ron has posted two Islay Gaelic Choir Videos from The Ileach today.

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