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Tuesday, 02/Jun/2009

Revisiting the Cruise Liners on Islay (Updated)

Some of you might remember the entry about two cruise liners visiting Islay and anchoring off Port Ellen from just over a week ago. There were also pictures of the M.V Prince Albert II and the M.V Spirit Of Adventure on Elliott's Islay Shipping blog. With that it could have ended, but I've since found some more about at least the Spirit of Adventure:

In the Fairlie Quay post on ClydeSights we find another picture of her, just a few days after leaving Islay. Not terribly exciting, just another picture of her on the cruise. But that isn't all I've found.

Today I spotted an interesting Flickr set by rojabro, a pensioner from Glasgow. He went on the cruise with the Spirit of Adventure and has just kicked off a collection Westering Home about the cruise, there's also a collection called Islay. I understand there's more to come, but for now the interesting bit in them is the first set:

It's called Port Ellen, seaward and has 72 pictures in it. You might want to start with the first picture and then follow the navigation to the right of the main picture. Lots of nice pictures from their walk around Port Ellen and The Ard in this set.

I understand there is a further set to come, so it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the Islay collection.


The second set is now online, it's called Port Ellen, landward. The pictures mainly show a walk through Port Ellen and along the road to Laphroaig and Lagavulin distilleries. There's also a thank you message to Willie Currie for the lift back to Port Ellen.

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