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Wednesday, 03/Jun/2009

PS Waverley in Port Ellen, Islay

Picture of a paddle steamer cruising along a rocky shore line

Yesterday I wrote about the recent cruise ship visits to Islay, today I've got a few pictures of another fairly regular visitor to Islay I received yesterday. That visitor is the Paddle Steamer Waverley, going on regular excursions around Britain. A visit on Friday had to be cancelled because of adverse weather conditions, but yesterday she did land for a short visit to Port Ellen. Here she is at the pier with one of the Calmac ferries in the background providing a good size comparison:

Picture of a paddle steamer at a small pier, a modern car ferry in the background

While I've seen her on Loch Long and on the Clyde in Glasgow I have yet to see her on Islay with my own eyes. Until then these pictures at least give an idea of how she looks in Port Ellen.

Picture of a paddle steamer

I just think she's a beautiful ship with very elegant lines, sad they just don't make them like her any more.

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