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Thursday, 02/Jul/2009

Old Port Askaig Islay Pictures

Regular readers quite possibly will be familiar with the name Neil F King. I've mentioned his pictures on Flickr on a number of occasions, in particular his Islay (or Islay ferry) pictures. Today I'd like to point out three more of his pictures, two of Port Askaig on the Sound of Islay and one of the ferry named after the sound:

Let me start with the Western Ferries ship from the late 1960s. Neil has dug out a great picture of the MV Sound of Islay. It shows her in a larger harbour with several cranes, I'm guessing somewhere on the Clyde may be?

Last year I wrote about Port Askaig in 1968 and 2008 with a picture by Kenneth Connell. Through Neil's scans we can go back even further. To start with we go back to Port Askaig some time between 1940 and 1960 (my guess from Neil's description). Quite interesting to see that the buildings are almost unchanged while the pier has changed quite a bit. And was that bollard once a cannon?

With the third picture we go back even further, to Port Askaig in the very early 1930s (presumably). Neil scanned the picture from a book published in 1933 describing cruises round the Hebrides in the 1930s, so I assume the picture is from just before 1933. The Paps look their usual self and the building on the pier also looks familiar...

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