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Sunday, 12/Jul/2009

Quick Islay Hotel Update

Picture of an under construction hotel seen from the distance

Sometimes time flies, even when it's happening on Islay time. I had hoped to prepare and post my latest Islay Hotel in Port Ellen panoramas and pictures from my visit in June before too much happens. I didn't make it. The scaffolding at the hotel has started to come down before I managed to finish at least the panoramas. A few days ago I received a few pictures of the back of the hotel without most of the scaffolding, two of which I even managed to stitch together to a small panorama:

Picture of a panoramic view of an under construction hotel. The top is almost complete, the lower half still needs work

As you can see all the windows have gone in now and the wall looks nice and bright in the sunlight. One half of the roof is complete, the ‘decorative’ elements you can see on the top of the right hand roof will also go on the left hand side. Here's a closer view:

Picture of one wing of an under construction hotel

The ‘unfinished’ area on the ground floor is where the extension/ conservatory for the restaurant will go, the black strip is where the roof will attach to the building. The entrance from the main building will be in the corner between the two wings.

Hopefully those few pictures give you a good idea about the latest progress, I think now that the scaffolding is gone you can really see how much progress has been made.

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