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Monday, 13/Jul/2009

Fancy an Isle of Jura Whisky Cocktail?

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Now I don't (at least not yet), but there seem to be some strange things happening at the Isle of Jura distillery just across the Sound of Islay. First previews of what is happening can be found in this video, spotted on Richard Patterson's blog The Master Blender in Master blender meets Rocky:


In short: Richard Paterson, master blender at Whyte and Mackay and more of a whisky purist meets up with Colin Fields, apparently the best bartender in the world, who does strange things with single malt whiskies. Two worlds collide. One wins (kind of. Although in a way both win).

If you don't want to know the result just yet don't click the following link, as it gives the result away: Isle of Jura hosts battle between whisky purist and man who mixes single malt with marmalade.

I'm not entirely sure where the final video will be shown (obviously the one above is just a teaser), I'm guessing at the Isle of Jura website (at least according to The Jura Taste Challenge - how do you take yours?). All I know is the date 16/Jul/2009 after 19:00 hrs (or 7:00 pm) GMT (do they really mean GMT or may be BST?)

In the meantime if you're using Twitter it might be worth following @the_nose, that's Richard Paterson. I suspect there will be further teasers and he's already posting a few hints about the outcome.

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