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Tuesday, 14/Jul/2009

Back From London, Still Prefer Islay

Just a quick entry this evening after a long day in London today. I had to visit the German embassy for some personal business and with my father currently visiting me in England we decided to combine it with a visit to London. We went on a river cruise from Westminster to Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory. On the journey back to Westminster I took this picture, which in a way reminded me of a picture I often take on my visits to Islay:

Picture of Tower Bridge in London seen from a river cruise ship, the England flag flying on the bow

Here's the counterpart from my most recent visit to Islay in June, the arrival in Port Ellen:

Picture of the view from a ferry arriving in a small island port, the Scottish Flag (Saltire) flying on the bow

Some people will think I'm weird, others will fully agree with me. While London was nice (in particular because of the mostly very nice weather we had today), I still very much prefer Islay. The hustle and bustle of the big city, the constant noise (you hear sirens almost constantly), the masses of people everywhere, it's just too much for me. I just prefer the slower pace on Islay, the wide open space, how quiet it mostly is (unless there's a storm howling). Those two pictures are kind of a symbol of that for me.

What do you prefer?

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