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Thursday, 16/Jul/2009

Jura Whisky or Jura Cocktail

Jura Excursions written in stencil

The wait is over, the answer to the question Fancy an Isle of Jura Whisky Cocktail? is officially revealed (although most of us probably took a peek and knew the answer already). It can be found at the Richard and Colin section of the Isle of Jura website. As of writing this it is extremely slow (at least for me), luckily it is also available on YouTube in three parts:


If that got you interested you can watch the rest at

To watch it all in one go I've also created a playlist, it should run all in one go from it: Jura challenge whisky with water.

So what's the conclusion? It seems that Colin has really convinced Richard that you can use single malt whisky in a cocktail and that it can open up flavours, in particular to younger people. I'm not sure it's something I personally would like or appreciate, but if that's how others want to drink it, by all means go for it.

I do have to try that trick with the whisky on top of the water one day though...

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