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Thursday, 13/Aug/2009

Praise for Islay

This link was originally only going to appear in the Islay blogging roundup, but as a few people have pointed it out yesterday I decided to give it a mention here as well: Pat Hartman, news editor on The Blog of Kevin Dolgin (who also has a travel column on McSweeney's and recently published a travel book The Third Tower Up from the Road), wrote a post about Islay. It's called Distilleries and Nature Coexist on the Isle of Islay and praises Islay. Well, and this blog, which is why I was reluctant to link to it.

But then there's more to it and it really is more a praise of Islay, the people, the landscape and of course the whisky. It complements Kevin's own report in McSweeney's, Drunken Angels: Islay, Scotland. Which is kind of what I'm trying to do with this blog as well, with the help of all the direct and indirect contributors: Point out interesting websites, videos, pictures and whatever else I can find in the wide expanses that is the internet.

I'd like to close for today with that thought and something I found earlier this evening, this lovely picture of a Rainbow at Ardnave, Islay.

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