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Friday, 14/Aug/2009

Friday Islay Picture #115 - Lighthouse from the Beach

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Sorry I'm late, got distracted by two of them ‘internet videos’, A Normal Day and A Normal Day 2. No, not a normal day on Islay, although I did also watch one of bellydancing on the Islay Fair. But now back to the task at hand, this week's Friday Islay picture. This evening I picked this view of Carraig Fhada lighthouse from the beach at Kilnaughton Bay:

Picture of a lighthouse on a rocky outcrop, seen along a rocky shoreline from a beach

Even though the weather isn't perfect I quite like this view. It did clear up more later in the afternoon, but the clouds provide some texture to the sky. As usual I will post a larger version (larger as in more than twice as big) on the Islay Pictures photoblog on Saturday morning. Just in case you want to see it in bigger.

With that all that remains to say is good night and have a great weekend!

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