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Wednesday, 02/Sep/2009

Derek Houghton's Islay Images

After two whisky postings in a row I think I should change topic for today (even though I've got an Islay whisky related link I still want to post). So how about some Islay images? Pictures from Islay are always good, don't you think? Well, like it or not, that's what you're going to get today:

Screenshot of an image gallery on a website

Derek Houghton is a photographer from Shropshire who seems to visit Islay regularly (he's from the west coast of Scotland originally), you can find his main website at Derek Houghton Images. It is more a general showcase of his pictures, but if you dig around a bit you'll soon find the Islay pictures.

In his gallery go to the places and then to the Scotland page. You'll spot a few familiar places or things there like Ardbeg distillery - Islay or the eilean dhiura. There's also a link to the Islay-Images project/ website, although that seems to have stalled after only a few images.

Derek also runs another website under Shropshire-iMAGES. One of the galleries on it is Islay - Whisky and beaches, as the title says mainly pictures from Saligo Bay, Kilchoman Beach and Kilchoman distillery. Another gallery is for Jura, mainly of deer and the ferry. Finally the Scotland iMAGES gallery also contain mostly Islay pictures, in particular from The Oa and some of the distilleries.

I hope you enjoy Derek's Islay pictures. May be I'll go back to whisky tomorrow?

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