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Thursday, 03/Feb/2009

Late Reminder Islay Book Festival

Islay Events written in stencil

It feels like almost yesterday that I posted the heads up for the Islay Book Festival back in February. Yet it's already September now and the fourth Islay Book Festival takes place this weekend. Now I could post the programme of it, but you can better read that on the Islay Book Festival website. Instead I'll focus on some of the guests I thought worth pointing out:

Last year they had Iain Banks visiting, who (at a stretch) has also written a book in my favourite genre crime fiction. Which nicely leads me on to Lin Anderson, who will be at this years festival. She's the creator of Rhona MacLeod, although I must admit I haven't read any of her books yet (on my list now) so I don't know if Islay receives any mention in her books. But there's another reason for pointing her out: Lin Anderson is on Twitter and more importantly promised she will tweet from Islay. I'll be watching out for her updates and if she makes it to the Islay Woollen Mill. One of her colleagues also visiting Islay is Alex Gray, I've read (and liked) two of her books so far.

The other guest I thought worth pointing out is a certain George Robertson, now better known as Lord George Robertson of Port Ellen. Probably one of the most famous Ileach he will speak about his adventures out in the big wild world while remembering his roots on Islay and his book Islay and Jura (Images of Scotland). I've got the book now and just had another quick look through it, some nice pictures and reminders.

Certainly another very good programme, I wonder how long Christopher Brookmyre and Ian Rankin can resist the lure of Islay?

PS: I think I should mention that the most excellent book festival website was expertly designed and coded by James of Islay IT Services (no, he didn't pay me for writing that).

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