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Thursday, 10/Sep/2009

Wolves at the Door by Tragic O'Hara

And now for something completely different. Just a music video this evening. Largely because I really like the song, although there is a tiny far fetched connection to Islay in it. Admittedly I probably wouldn't have found it without the Islay connection. But before I get to that you might want to listen to it first, here's Tragic O'Hara with Wolves at the Door:


Now for the Islay connection. Well, first of all it says in the description (bold by me):

The culmination of 9 months worth of filming and touring. From Kilmarnock to Glasgow to Perth to Islay and further.

Doing a bit of digging I found a (short) video of him in action on Islay: Colin Hunter & Tragic O'Hara - Thunder Road, at the Port Askaig Hotel. Yes, that's the same Colin Hunter as the one I already mentioned in the Colin Hunter at the Port Askaig Hotel entry. Looking a bit further I also found Tragic O'Hara's rendition of the old classic House of the Rising Sun at the Port Askaig Hotel (unfortunately with a lot of ambient noise). Looking at the date I was actually on Islay when they were playing, although I was being entertained elsewhere (and probably didn't know of the concert).

Anyway, I hope that's enough Islay connection for it to be on this blog, but more importantly that you like the song at least a bit. Good night for now, back to the regular programme tomorrow evening.

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