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Saturday, 03/Oct/2009

New Islay Pipe Band Website

Screenshot of the Islay Pipe Band website

This might be old news, but then again I've only spotted the new website for the Islay Pipe Band recently. While many people will be aware of the old site at that is being wound down and the new site is up:

The much improved new Islay Pipe Band website is now at and looks much cleaner and tidier. The homepage includes a brief band history, fundraising initiatives and the band schedule, on Islay and elsewhere.

In the gallery you'll find many pictures of the band (and road crew). Similar the band members page, where you'll find pictures of the individual members.

Now what's the most important thing about a pipe band? Of course the tunes. If you go to the news page, apart from reading the news you can also listen to some of the tunes (scroll down, on the right). That's also where you find the link to buy the Islay Pipe Band's CD ‘At Long Last’. To see some (moving) pictures with the tunes head to the videos for the Islay Pipe Band playlist on YouTube. All that should keep you busy for a while, I think.

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