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Sunday, 04/Oct/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #94

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

It's Sunday evening, it must be time for the Islay Blogging Roundup. While I had hoped to be able to promise you a nice Islay video for tomorrow, I'm afraid while I've made good progress I'll still need 2-3 evenings until it's ready. After that slight disappointment back to what the blogs have been writing about Islay, Jura and Oronsay over the last week, which hopefully won't disappoint:

Similar to last week there are a few blogs who have further entries following from last week: My guess that Gary Sutherland of Island Hacking was going to make it to Islay was right and he declares I love Islay. Similarly the Wandering Rose's journey continues and she writes about Scotland's Second-best beverage* (* hotly debated).

Speaking of whisky, Tasty Tasty Whisky (also a blog mentioned previously) has a Compedium of Scottish events, all of which took place on Islay. Joan Mitjavila writes about Destil·leries: Bruichladdich (as you might have guessed from the spelling not in English). Neil and Joel review a rather special Laphroaig and proclaim it is Fit For A (wannabe) King. The Bruichladdich Blog points out the USA Stockists and their website. From Jura in the meantime Richard ‘The Nose’ Paterson invites us to Meet the latest Jura – Jura Prophecy.

But back to a few recent or upcoming Islay visits: When I read the title Buckets and spades on Islay I was expecting a beach, although not in the way I got it (no, I'm not telling, follow the link to find out). At Backpackingbongos there has been A major change of plan, but then it involves a visit to Islay so it's for the best. A ferry into the wilderness will be taken for walking on Islay and Jura.

On Wednesday the Islay Birds blog brought the news many have been waiting for, the geese had started to arrive in numbers. While there was some distraction with a picture of 150 Rock Doves the number of Geese had increased on Friday and today we were treated to a picture of the Barnacle Geese at Gruinart.

Ron picks up on the First Winter Storm hits Islay and follows up with some Islay Dramatic Light Pictures a special friend sent him. I've linked to Sea kayaking with many a time, it doesn't disappoint with many pages from a visit to Oronsay (next to Colonsay): Enough crank to give flexible action!, The First Breakfast ®, A pineapple and a bottle of malt, on Oronsay!, The shell mounds, skerries and swells of SE Oronsay, North American residents on Oronsay., Looking after the corncrakes of Oronsay and A reluctant visitor to the Priory, Oronsay (not London). were this week's fascinating entries.

Let me finish with the pictures again, the Bondbloke has started yet another blog and on it has Loch Indall at Sunset – Islay « Big Sky Photos. On Photogenic Scotland we find Departing Port Ellen, while on Fotos That Don't Fit we have Islay Rock. On Ron's Picture Blog we find Tormisdale Croft Crafts and Fields at Kilchiaran Farm.

Mark Unsworth's Islay Photography Gallery treats us with a Just filled cask and the Beach near Am Miadar. Not to forget the Approaches to Corryvreckan. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think this week's picks are Waves in Machir Bay, In the Dunes at Kilchoman Beach and Port Ellen Maltings and Sailing Yachts (feel free to disagree).

That's it for this week, as usual I leave you with the reference to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture, this week asking Has the Sun set on new Labour? Good night!

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